The Art of Caving

The Art of Caving

So, with my pen and pencil, allow me to take you on a brief journey underground. To fellow cavers, I hope you find my way of seeing caves true to your ways. To those yet to experience a wild cave trip, here is the essence of this breed called cavers and the diversity of caves themselves. This is the glorious art of caving.

For decades, Linda Heslop has been a cave explorer who has discovered and mapped caves throughout western Canada and the United States.

As North America’s most acclaimed speleo-illustrator, she has used her dramatic representational style to illustrate several books and to provide cover art for caving magazines published worldwide.

Published in 1996, The Art of Caving is a visual journey into the world of caves through the eyes and ink of artist/illustrator, Linda Heslop. This coffee table book is a collection of more than sixty works compiled to take the reader on a journey down to the secret world of caves not accessible to the uninitiated explorer. It provides a window for the reader through which to view the challenges faced by those who map, work, and explore underground. Readers are taken down rope drops, across underground waterfalls, through torturous passages to vast chambers, and then to emerge once again into the world of daylight. Heslop’s images include caves of Europe, USA, Mexico, and many of Vancouver Island’s caves.

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