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Art Works



Linda Heslop’s work has won wide international acclaim, and her paintings can be found in galleries and collections around the world.

Her award winning cave art and her book “The Art of Caving” have been recognized in both artistic circles as well as by cavers themselves – she was the second recipient of the National Speleological Society’s Arts and Letters Award, and her portraits of cavers in action have been reproduced as cover art on numerous publications internationally.

Most of her work now revolves around her explorations of the Vancouver Island coastline, and the inspiration she receives from the natural world.  She works primarily in watercolour.


A Selection of Art Work Available for Sale as Prints or Art Cards

A selection of Linda’s work is for sale on this website.  Most of her work is available as Giclee prints, with a smaller selection available as Art Cards.  A few works are still available as Fine Art Prints.


Two options for purchasing:

Option 1:

To purchase from our current inventory, simply click on the add to cart button and you will be prompted for payment. Keep in mind that shipping costs will be added and will depend on the size and destination.

Option 2:

  1. For images not currently in stock, you can view the selections and enter your choices on the Order Form.
  2. Indicate how many copies of each print or art card you want.
  3. For giclee prints, also indicate your size preference (width, in inches).
  4. Provide your contact information on the form, and your shipping/billing address.
  5. Choose whether you want to us to process your order directly, or send you final pricing information first.
  6. If you choose to process your order, please provide your credit card information.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.
    1. We will process your order, send you the final pricing information, and ship your order as soon as possible.
  7. If you request pricing information, providing your credit card information at this point is optional.
    1. We will calculate the final price, including taxes and shipping costs, and notify you by email.
    2. You can then either authorize us to process your order (if you have already given us your credit card information), send us your credit card information with authorization to proceed, or cancel your order.
    3. Once we have received your authorization, we will process your order and ship your order as soon as possible.


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